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Stuff that is beautiful but useless because it does not make food or houses cheaper.
Or from Ciro Santilli's best random thoughts:
Without technology, one cannot survive. Without art, one cannot live.
But that sure enough has a Jesus semi-precursor, and likely many others: man shall not live by bread alone.
There is some art however that lives in the fine intersection between beauty and usefulness:
Maybe those are genial. Maybe not. Nostalgia is just too strong to discern. Ciro still goes back to them for rest.
These did not stand the test of time however.
When Ciro was ten years old, he was addicted to 2 cartoons: Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z!
Pokemon had just launched in Brazil in 1999, 2 years after the Japanese launch: (archive) And Dragon Ball, was first aired in 1989 in Japan! My God, those translations took forever back then!
And everyone was playing Pokemon on their Game Boy Color. Ciro was already cheap however, and didn't buy the console despite wanting it, and just played it through his friends handhelds. But maybe this is a good thing. Playing alone sucks.
Mostly video games of course.
First when he was really young, about 5, Ciro played a lot of NES, but he doesn't remember things from that era very well. Contra, Ninja Turtles, Battle Tanks, Duck Hunt, and some modern "real world jet" top to bottom rail shooter (TODO identify) are definitely some of the games he clearly remembers playing, see also: Figure "Five year old Ciro Santilli playing NES on a joystick". Nintendo hard was truly a thing back then.
As an honorable mention, Ciro remembers his teenage/young adult neighbours in Jundiaí playing some DOS games on their computer, notably there was a 3D racing one. This must have been around 1995/1997, so using some of the very earliest GPUs. Those games felt so incredibly advanced, including the required setup to play them, which required some command-line commands. It felt like some kind of black magic! But Ciro didn't really play them however.
Ciro then skipped the SNES and handhelds, which he played only through friends because he was cheap (but also because Brazil is a poor country remember, and imports are pretty expensive). He clearly remembers playing Super Mario World for the SNES and Pokemon on friends' Gameboys of course.
Ciro then went straight to 5th generation with the Nintendo 64 in 1994 which his parents bought for him during a trip to the United States. Once again, because he was cheap, the only game he bought was Super Mario 64, which likely came with the console? He played that game to death.
Then came Ocarina of Time, which blew everyone's minds, and Ciro would go to Blockbuster to rent it for the weekend, and again play to death with his friends. You had to arrive early at Blockbuster to rent it, otherwise other people would rent all copies!!!
The only time Ciro got robbed as of 2020 was when an older teenager stopped his bicycle in front of Ciro and took his rented Golden Eye 64 copy away from his hand, and run off. Poor drug addict.
Ciro always felt that the PS1 had a much uglier aesthetics than the N64, and didn't like the console. Playing a bit of Final Fantasy VI on his memory did stick deeply to his mind however. Ciro later played all good PS1 RPGs on emulation during University of São Paulo during amazing solitary nights.
And on the PC, Ciro was particularly touched by Age of Empires II and Diablo II.
As a young teenager Ciro would also play Counter-Strike with his friends at LAN houses. Playing that game would make Ciro extremely anxious, his hands got all cold, and it was a lot of fun.
After this Ciro grew up and notice that the only fun game is that of becoming become rich and famous in the real world.
This explains however Ciro's tool-assisted speedrun interests.
Outside of video games, Ciro got midly addicted to Magic: The Gathering in his early teens.
One of the main children cartoons Ciro Santilli liked to watch. Part of the Pokemon Mania of the 90s of course.
Ciro could not understand why Nintendo won't make a proper 3D MMORPG Pokemon with actually 3D Pokemon roaming the land, which is obviously what everyone wants. There are even fan games getting there!
until this explaiend it beautifully Video 1. "The Downfall Of Mainline Pokemon Games by GONZ media (2020)":
  • Pokemon became an industrialized yearly game spitting machine, and therefore any new feature is just extra risk
  • Pokemon was kept mostly as a handheld exclusive to sell handlhelds, with a few early exceptions such as Pokemon Snap
Figure 1. Instead of risking anything new, let's play it safe by continuing our slow decline into obsolecense cartoon by Tom Fishburne. Source.
Video 1. The Downfall Of Mainline Pokemon Games by GONZ media (2020) Source. Great video, explains things Ciro had never thought about, e.g. how the Nintendo Switch unified handheld and console for Nintento, this could open the doors for a more ambitious Pokemon release.
Video 2. Pokemania Comes to America by ABC News (1999) Source. Ciro Santilli was a part of it! Especially during Ciro Santilli's 10 month stay in Coventry, United Kingdom, in the year 2000!
Lower teens, before discovering more hardcore stuff that is more genial and adult-venerable:
OK, Ciro still comes back to those from time to time, he confesses. Nostalgia, nostalgia.
The following are also adult venerable though :-)
It should be a crime to automatically generate ASCII art from images.
For some ASCII art in the Bitcoin blockchain see: ASCII art.

        |    *------*
        |   /|      /
        |  / |     /|
top -------*------* |
        |  | *----|-*
        |  |/     | /
        |  |      |/
bottom ----*------*
        |  |      |
        +--|------|-----> y
       /   |      |
      /    |      |
  x  /     |      |
          left   right
Collections and overviews:
You just couldn't resist Googling it and clicking this page, could you? You naughty, naughty bearded programmer nerd. Yes, I'm talking to you.
TODO it is quite hard to actually find non-automatically generated ASCII art of people fucking, most of them are just sexy/horny women drawn by bearded nerds, likely and based on sticky physical paper porn magazines from the 80's, good old days.
Code 1. Tank man ASCII art by Ciro Santilli (2021) This image depicts the Chinese government fucking 1 million Chinese people in the ass during the Tiananmen Square Protests, which was undoubtedly one of the largest gang bangs of the late 20th century:
   Tank Man                         |
   by Ciro Santilli          00     |
   2021 CC-BY-SA 4.0          \\  +-|-+
                               \\/   /|-+o
                                \\--+ / /o
                               /|\\ |/ /oo
                        |     / ----- /oo
                        |    /       /oo
                        |   +-------+oo
                        |   oo+---+ooo
                 00     |   oo     oo
                  \\  +-|-+
                   \\/   /|-+o
                    \\--+ / /o
                   /|\\ |/ /oo
            |     / ----- /oo
            |    /       /oo
            |   +-------+oo
            |   oo+---+ooo
     00     |   oo     oo
      \\  +-|-+
       \\/   /|-+o
        \\--+ / /o
       /|\\ |/ /oo
      / ----- /oo
     /       /oo
    oo     oo
Video 3. The IBM 1401 mainframe runs "Edith" by CuriousMarc. Source. 1960's punched card ASCII porn. Vintage. EDITH is also mentioned e.g. at: No ASCII uploads found however:
OMG, Ciro Santilli only learned about this in 2021 after:
Each comic page has an "Emergency Button" below it, which redirects to a mock PDF formatted as a research paper, so you can quickly pretend to be working. Epic.
Figure 2. The evolution of intellectual freedom by PhD Comics (2011) Source.
This webcomic is venerated by software engineers as of 2020.
Being able to quote the right one at the right time is considered a fundamental shibboleth of the profession.
And with reason.
Licensed under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC, amazing!!!
Official archive:
This is the future of course, fusion power to generate electricity, and then converting electricity into food somehow.
Hopefully without going through photosynthesis, which feels complicated and wasteful.
Previously known as "Food From Electricity", "NeoCarbonFood" sounds like a more commercializable version of it.
Uses electricity to electrolyse water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, and then use bacteria that do hydrogen chemosynthesis to convert it into food.
First major one: Magic: The Gathering.
The meta of a game is the currently dominating know strategy or set of strategies, see also Section "Nash equilibrium".
To break the meta means to find a new strategy that offers a significant advantage over the existing meta.
For the specific of video game glitch breaks see: Section "Meta breaking glitch".
Due to Ciro Santilli's self perceived creative personality, Ciro Santilli is very attracted to meta breaks.
Video 4. How One Man Changed the High Jump Forever by Olympics (2018) Source. Dick Fosbury created and implemented the Fosbury Flop jump style in 1968.
Video 5. Akiyo Noguchi asks the rules while climbing! | Beta Break Ep.1 by Albert Ok (2020) Source. Happened at the 2015 IFSC Climbing World Cup during the Haiyang, China, bouldering event. The author has a playlist of such climbing meta breaks. In climbing, the meta is called "the beta". Climbing competitions are perhaps the sport in which the meta is broken the most often, since each stage is unique.
Video 6. Lukas Hofer's Revolutionary Technique by IBU TV (2019) Source. Lukas created a new technique to pack up his rifle during biathlon competitions.
One of the things Ciro Santilli most deeply despises.
Real luxury is to understand quantum field theory and number theory.
Clothing/jewelry/car luxury is at worst a way to show off. And at best a replacement for nature/the countryside. People living in big cities have lost nature, and to some, looking at luxury goods (or watching television) serves as a (unsatisfactory) replacement.
This is the kind of mind-bending argument twists that Ciro Santilli loves. If we take out the "a real child is hurt" aspect, does it still make sense to make it illegal?
Of course, hentai of young-looking girls has already existed since forever. Bit with newer image generation methods in the 2020s used for computer generated child pornography, especially sometimes photorealistic text to image generation, things are taken to another level.
One of the first 1 million USD (zero artistic value) porn movie. And also a piece of shit! Hotter porn has been shot in kitchens around the world using iPhones.
Ciro's best quotes selected by no one other than Ciro can be found at: Ciro Santilli's best random thoughts.
Jesus has some nice ones: Section "Quote by Jesus".
Related to technology:
Is this exact sentence really from UNIX philosophy?
Of course, it has precedents, e.g. jack of all trades, master of none
There are infinitely many variants across the ages:
First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh at You, Then They Attack You, Then You Win
See also Ciro Santilli's critique of rooting for sport teams.
The athletes Ciro Santilli admires the most are from endurance sport:
Video 7. Muhammad Ali on the Vietnam War-Draft. Source.
"Dojo" is the japanese version of the word that unfortunately came to dominate in the West, the original is of course Chinese Dao4 chang3 (道場) which means:
  • dao4 道: Taoism
  • chang3 (場): suffix indicating a place where you do something
Football is a synonym for association football, can we be done with that! The word "soccer" is an aberration.
See also Ciro Santilli's critique of rooting for sport teams.
About 50k subscribers on 2021, which feels way too little for the video quality and quantity.
Ciro Santilli believes that this channel will go very far, certaily achieving 1M subscribers in they keep it for one or twomore years.
They are Utah-based, and they do many many amazing weekend trips. They mostly drive from home to some trailhead, and then climb up and down it the entire day.
No technical rock climbing, only bouldering, but they still manage to reach many amazing places, and there is a level of danger in many of their ascents.
They also often ski down the mountains when there is snow.
The cool thing about this channel is that as the name suggests, they are not professionals, and what they do can be done by anyone without working full time on it, as long as you have adequate preparation.