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Ciro Santilli used to read books when he was younger (Harry Potter up to the 4th, Lord of the Rings), but once you are reading code, technical articles and news the whole day, you really just want to watch videos of people doing useless things on YouTube to rest, enough text.
Books are slow. No patience. Need faster immediate satisfaction.
Paradoxically Ciro feels like he's becoming a writer of sorts though, one semi independent section/answer/piece of knowledge at a time.
Writing is not just giving out information. It is re-feeling it.
The impact of the work is greater when you examine what one single new technology would do to existing society, as in primer (2004), rather than "start on a society with severl new technologies", like in star Wars.
Related quotes:
Basically a synonym of trope, but without the negative connotation.
A recurring narrative device, i.e. a cliche that has been used endless across stories.
Classifies clichés in storytelling.
Every page is highly intelligent and interlinked to other pages.
It is incredible.
Most of them use titles from TV Tropes.
Ciro Santilli is fond of cynicism, see also ciro Santilli's film tastes.
Shame that the Chinese in the lat 20th early 21st like that bullshit so much. It just weakens everything. Just imaginge those works with more realistic fighting! Would be amazing.
This is true: high budget movies are shit. Just TV Trops can articular it infinitely better than Ciro Santilli can.