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Title sequence

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Television show

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The best way to watch a television series is: wait for the thing to end. Then watch the first and last episodes of each season. The rest is fluff. And then pick up any missing interesting clips from YouTube. If a series holds you more than those episodes, it is one of the few amazing ones.

Limited series

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If you are going to make a television series, do make it a limited one. Plan one story, and execute it amazingly. Don't let things drag on and on.

Good television series

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The BBC 1979-1982 adaptations of John Le Carré's novels are the best miniseries ever made:
They are the most realistic depiction of spycraft ever made.
Some honorable mentions:

List of television series

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There is a lot of "who kills who" useless fluff, and everything to do with the wife is boring, but too much gold otherwise.
It is amazing to see how seasons got better and better until the finale. The last season was amazing, Ciro Santilli actually watched all episodes of that one! This is clearly seen on the evolution of metacritic scores.
Video 1.
That's The Best Coffee I've Ever Tasted scence from Breaking Bad
. Source. The chemistry and business related stuff is especially cool. Because when companies and criminals don't tell anyone about their secrets, it is up to the imagination of film makers to do so.
Video 2.
The Beauty Of Cooking scened from scence from Breaking Bad S02 E09
. Source.
It's just too charming, and has some deep themes.
Ciro Santilli enjoyed watching the temple flashback moments on YouTube.
Combat in the USA is of course terribly ridiculous due to guns Are Worthless.
A bit over the top, but convincing enough. A crypto-vampire show.

Star Trek

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Ciro Santilli likes this.
He doesn't have the patience to actually watch full episodes with rare exceptions, rather just watching selected scenes from:, but still, it is interesting.
What appeals to Ciro in this series is how almost nothing is solved by violence, almost everything is decided in the bridge, at the "cerebral" level of the command structure. This reminds Ciro of a courtroom of law sometimes.
Maybe there's also a bit of 90's nostalgia involved too though, as this is something that would show on some random cable channels a bored young Ciro would have browsed during weekends, never really watching full episodes.
One crime of many episodes is being completely based on some stupid new scientific concept, which any character to back it up.
Another thing that hurt is that due to their obsession with the senior members of the crew, sometimes those senior members are sent in ridiculously risky operations, which is very unrealistic.
Episodes that Ciro watched fully and didn't regret:
Semi worth it:
Not worth it:
  • Cause and effect
  • s06e11 Chain of command
It is good to watch the Out For blood in Silicon Valley (2019) documentary after this to see how the characters look like in real life. Many feel amazingly cast, very close to the original. The only great exception is the Indian dude, who is completely different. Was it that hard to find some indian dude who looked and felt a little more like the real one?
Great reports to how 2022-Ciro Santilli views how could go. Ciro can't help to feel that he is a mixture of both of the vision, tech and people guy. Not as extreme as any of them, but more like a well rounded (and less good individually) version of each. High flying bird vs gophers.
Video 3.
The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened by Super Eyepatch Wolf (2017)
. Source. This interesting video essay makes the main point that the Simpsons used to be good because they mocked mainstream. But then they became mainstream, which basically defeated their purpose. Think different from Apple comes to mind.


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Dragon Ball (1984)

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Dragon Ball Z

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Although this was one of the children cartoons Ciro Santilli liked to watch, watching Dragon Ball Z as an adult feels like watching paint dry, everything takes forever! Apparently padding to sync with the manga: The original Dragon Ball was likely strictly better, as it was much more fun and took itself less seriously. Also in DBZ power level inflation is taken to ridiculous levels. This is why One-Punch Man is good. Out of all evil characters, Frieza is one that made a big impression on Ciro, his graphical design is so good.
This was THE craze thing in Brazil before Pokemon, it was shown from 1994 to 1997. In particular the collectible action figures! It was possibly more popular in Brazil than e.g. in the US:
The thing as quite violent, rated for 14-year olds, but no one gave a fuck, 7 yo Ciro was happily watching it. We protect children too much.
That series also had quite a religious feel to it (as obviously suggested by the series English name itself). It must also have been a great motivator to getting young kids into astronomy!
Ciro's favorite character was definitely Andromeda Shun. He was smart and thoughtful, and had the coolest most complex weapon: his chain whips. He's also a bit effeminate, with his pink clothing and a gentle way. Perhaps that is the reason for adult Ciro's mild fascination with the Andromeda Galaxy.
The English name is horrendous... the Portuguese/French name is so much better: Knights of the Zodiac! Saying this in English just reminded Ciro Santilli of the Zodiac Killer. But nevermind.



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