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Ciro Santilli likes this.
He doesn't have the patience to actually watch full episodes with rare exceptions, rather just watching selected scenes from:, but still, it is interesting.
What appeals to Ciro in this series is how almost nothing is solved by violence, almost everything is decided in the bridge, at the "cerebral" level of the command structure. This reminds Ciro of a courtroom of law sometimes.
Maybe there's also a bit of 90's nostalgia involved too though, as this is something that would show on some random cable channels a bored young Ciro would have browsed during weekends, never really watching full episodes.
One crime of many episodes is being completely based on some stupid new scientific concept, which any character to back it up.
Another thing that hurt is that due to their obsession with the senior members of the crew, sometimes those senior members are sent in ridiculously risky operations, which is very unrealistic.
Episodes that Ciro watched fully and didn't regret:
Semi worth it:
Not worth it:
  • Cause and effect
  • s06e11 Chain of command