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To break the meta means to find a new strategy that offers a significant advantage over the existing meta.
For the specific of video game glitch breaks see: Section "Meta breaking glitch".
Due to Ciro Santilli's self perceived creative personality, Ciro Santilli is very attracted to meta breaks.
Video 2. How One Man Changed the High Jump Forever by Olympics (2018) Source. Dick Fosbury created and implemented the Fosbury Flop jump style in 1968.
Video 3. Akiyo Noguchi asks the rules while climbing! | Beta Break Ep.1 by Albert Ok (2020) Source. Happened at the 2015 IFSC Climbing World Cup during the Haiyang, China, bouldering event. The author has a playlist of such climbing meta breaks. In climbing, the meta is called "the beta". Climbing competitions are perhaps the sport in which the meta is broken the most often, since each stage is unique.
Video 4. Lukas Hofer's Revolutionary Technique by IBU TV (2019) Source. Lukas created a new technique to pack up his rifle during biathlon competitions.