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They do have some really good ones.
It is interesting that in different episodes they often switch the dominant/passive roles, so it's not fixed as in Laurel and Hardy.
Video 1. Are we the Baddies? by Mitchell and Webb. Source. See also:
Video 2. Discoverer by Mitchell and Webb. Source. Makes fun of the many terrible naming choices British navigators have made while discovering/rediscovering new lands.
Video 3. Homeopathic A&E by Mitchell and Webb. Source.
Video 4. The Day Today Episode 1: Main News Attack. Source.
Video 5. WAR! by The Day Today. Source.
Video 6. Multi piano scene in Miss Møller's anniversary by Victor Borge (1937) Source.
Most of the mare crap, but the following ones almost killed Ciro Santilli: