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Video 1. How Not To Be Seen by Monty Python. Source. This sketch is based on actual military training films such as:
Video 2. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Source. When a young Ciro Santilli played Worms Armageddon, he almost shat himself of laughter when he first threw a Holy Grenade. Little did he know it was actually a Monty Python reference.
Video 3. Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Source.
Video 4. The Insulting Frenchman scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Source.
They do have some really good ones.
It is interesting that in different episodes they often switch the dominant/passive roles, so it's not fixed as in Laurel and Hardy.
Video 5. Are we the Baddies? by Mitchell and Webb. Source. See also:
Video 6. Discoverer by Mitchell and Webb. Source. Makes fun of the many terrible naming choices British navigators have made while discovering/rediscovering new lands.
Video 7. Homeopathic A&E by Mitchell and Webb. Source.
Video 8. The Day Today Episode 1: Main News Attack. Source.
Video 9. WAR! by The Day Today. Source.
Video 10. Anti-Piracy Ad by The IT Crowd (2007) Source.
Video 11. Multi piano scene in Miss Møller's anniversary by Victor Borge (1937) Source.
Video 12. Rasputin vs Stalin by Epic Rap Battles of History (2013) Source. See also:
Monty Python has a few precursors to the "random famous people mixed together compting" format, although not in the rap fight format:
Video 13. Communist Quiz by Monty Python (1970) Source. Has a Wiki page: Brings to mind: Video "Football, Football, Football by Mitchell and Webb".
Video 14. Philosophers' Football Match by Monty Python (1972) Source. If you can understand the jokes, your philosophy level is pretty good. Like more than zero. Wiki page: Ciro loves how that page currently uses a standard footbal match template to describe the match!