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Comedy troupe

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Monty Python

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Video 1.
How Not To Be Seen by Monty Python
. Source. This sketch is based on actual military training films such as:
Video 2.
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
. Source. When a young Ciro Santilli played Worms Armageddon, he almost shat himself of laughter when he first threw a Holy Grenade. Little did he know it was actually a Monty Python reference.
Video 3.
Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
. Source.
Video 4.
The Insulting Frenchman scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
. Source.
Video 5.
Execution in Russia by Monty Python
. Source.
Video 6.
Ministry of Silly Walks
. Source.

Double act

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British humour

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They do have some really good ones.
It is interesting that in different episodes they often switch the dominant/passive roles, so it's not fixed as in Laurel and Hardy.
Video 7.
Are we the Baddies? by Mitchell and Webb
. Source. See also:
Video 8.
Discoverer by Mitchell and Webb
. Source. Makes fun of the many terrible naming choices British navigators have made while discovering/rediscovering new lands.
Video 9.
Homeopathic A&E by Mitchell and Webb
. Source.
Video 10.
The Day Today Episode 1: Main News Attack
. Source.
Video 11. . Source.
Video 12.
Anti-Piracy Ad by The IT Crowd (2007)
. Source.

Comedy music

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Comedy musician

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Victor Borge

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Video 13.
Multi piano scene in Miss Møller's anniversary by Victor Borge (1937)
. Source.
Best ones:

YouTube comedy channel

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Most of the mare crap, but the following ones almost killed Ciro Santilli:
Video 14.
Rasputin vs Stalin by Epic Rap Battles of History (2013)
. Source. See also:
Monty Python has a few precursors to the "random famous people mixed together compting" format, although not in the rap fight format:
Video 15.
Communist Quiz by Monty Python (1970)
. Source. Has a Wiki page: Brings to mind: Video "Football, Football, Football by Mitchell and Webb".
Video 16.
Philosophers' Football Match by Monty Python (1972)
. Source. If you can understand the jokes, your philosophy level is pretty good. Like more than zero. Wiki page: Ciro loves how that page currently uses a standard footbal match template to describe the match!


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