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There are two ways:
Likely implies whole brain emulation and therefore AGI.
Wikipedia defines Mind uploading as a synonym for whole brain emulation. This sounds really weird, as "mind uploading" suggests much more simply brain dumping, or perhaps reuploading a brain dump to a brain.
Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom (2014) section "Whole brain emulation" provides a reasonable setup: post mortem, take a brain, freeze it, then cut it into fine slices with a Microtome, and then inspect slices with an electron microscope after some kind of staining to determine all the synapses.
Likely implies AGI.
In the 2020's, this refers to writing down everything you know, usually in some graph structured way.
This is somewhat the centerpiece of Ciro Santilli's documentation superpowers: dumping your brain into text form, which he has been doing through Ciro Santilli's website.
This is also the closest one can get to immortality pre full blown transhumanism.
Ciro's still looking for the restore this plaintext backup on a new body though.
It is a good question, how much of your knowledge you would be able to give to others with text and images. It is likely almost all of it, except for coordination/signal processing tasks.
His passion for braindumping like this is a big motivation behind Ciro Santilli's work. mentions one page to rule them all:
How many Zettelkästen should I have? The answer is, most likely, only one for the duration of your life. But there are exceptions to this rule.
Ciro Santilli invented this term, derived from "hardware in the loop" to refer to simulations in which both the brain and the body and physical world of organism models are modelled.
E.g. just imagine running:
A Drosophila melanogaster has about 135k neurons, and we only managed to reconstruct its connectome in 2023.
The human brain has 86 billion neurons, about 1 million times more. Therefore, it is obvious that we are very very far away from a full connectome.
Instead however, we could look at larger scales of connectome, and then try from that to extract modules, and then reverse engineer things module by module.
This is likely how we are going to "understand how the human brain works".
Some notable conectomes:
This is the most plausible way of obtaining a full connectome looking from 2020 forward. Then you'd observe the slices with an electron microscope + appropriate Staining. Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom (2014) really opened Ciro Santilli's eyes to this possibility.
Once this is done for a human, it will be one of the greatest milestone of humanities, coparable perhaps to the Human Genome Project. BUt of course, privacy issues are incrediby pressing in this case, even more than in the human genome project, as we would essentially be able to read the brain of the person after their death.
As of 2022, the Drosophila connectome had been almost fully extracted.
This is also a possible path towards post-mortem brain reading.
Ciro Santilli's dreams are described at: Ciro Santilli's dreams.
This is not a label that Ciro Santilli likes to give lightly. But maybe sometimes, it is inevitable.
His father fought a lot with the stupid educational system to try and move his son to his full potential and move to more advanced subjects early.
A crime of society to try and prevent it. They actually moved the family from Singapore to Malaysia for a learning opportunity for the son. Amazing.
This is the perfect illustration of one of Ciro Santilli's most important complaints about the 2020 educational system:
and why Ciro created to try and help fix the issue.
Possible social media
Video 1. The Most Talented Children And Adults On The Planet by Our Life (2008) Source. Has some good mentions of Ainan and others.
Video 2. Ainan Cawley: Child prodigy (2013) Source.
He's an actor and producer apparently:
As of 2022, it had been almost fully decoded by post mortem connectome extraction with microtome!!! 135k neurons.
That article mentions the humongous paper "A connectome of the Drosophila central complex reveals network motifs suitable for flexible navigation and context-dependent action selection" by a group from Janelia Research Campus. THe paper is so large that it makes eLife hang.
The Neurokernel Project aims to build an open software platform for the emulation of the entire brain of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster on multiple Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).
Grouping their mouse brain projcts here.
Video 3. Tutorial: Allen Developing Mouse Brain by Allen Institute (2014) Source.
Figure 1. CCFv3 announcement image. Source.
The brain of a human.
Ciro Santilli feels it is not for his generation though, and that is one of the philosophical things that saddens him the most in this world.
On the other hand, Ciro's playing with the Linux kernel and other complex software which no single human can every fully understand cheer him up a bit. But still, the high level view, that we can have...
Figure 2. Source.
  • 1: Ventriculus lateralis, Cornu frontale
  • 2: Ventriculus lateralis, Pars centralis
  • 3: Calcar avis
  • 4: Ventriculus lateralis, Cornu occipitale
  • 5: Trigonum collaterale
  • 6: Eminentia collateralis
  • 7: Hippocampus
  • 8: Ventriculus lateralis, Cornu temporale
  • 9: Capsula interna
  • 10: Nucleus caudatus
By cranks:
Figure 3. External 3D view of the Brodmann areas. Source.
Video 4. The Universe I, II & III | Tim and Eric Awesome Show by Adult Swim UK (2017) Source. This amazing video contains the best mind blown meme ever, Ciro Santilli almost shat himself when he first watched it.