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This is the most plausible way of obtaining a full connectome looking from 2020 forward. Then you'd observe the slices with an electron microscope + appropriate Staining. Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom (2014) really opened Ciro Santilli's eyes to this possibility.
Ciro Santilli's dreams are described at: Ciro Santilli's dreams.
This is not a label that Ciro Santilli likes to give lightly. But maybe sometimes, it is inevitable.
His father fought a lot with the stupid educational system to try and move his son to his full potential. A crime. They actually moved from Singapore to Malaysia for a learning opportunity for the son. Amazing. See also:
Possible social media
Video 1. The Most Talented Children And Adults On The Planet by Our Life (2008) Source. Has some good mentions of Ainan and others.
Video 2. Ainan Cawley: Child prodigy (2013) Source.
He's an actor and producer apparently:
The brain of a human.
Ciro Santilli feels it is not for his generation though, and that is one of the philosophical things that saddens him the most in this world.
On the other hand, Ciro's playing with the Linux kernel and other complex software which no single human can every fully understand cheer him up a bit. But still, the high level view, that we can have...
Video 3. The Universe I, II & III | Tim and Eric Awesome Show by Adult Swim UK (2017) Source. This amazing video contains the best mind blown meme ever, Ciro Santilli almost shat himself when he first watched it.