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Biology research institute

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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A hot hot place.
Founded by Craig Venter by joining up other existing institutes.

Medical Research Council (MRC)

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These people don't fuck around.
Poor renaming choice.

WEHImovies (

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Fantastic animations of molecular biology processes. redirects to
Drew Berry
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This is the dude that made many of the amazing WEHImovies animation.
Unfortunately, the process appears to be quite manual and laborious, more art than simulation, based on the software list used:
Video 1.
Animations of unseeable biology by Drew Berry (2021)
. Source. Presented at TED.

Company research institute

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Ah, some of the coolest places on Earth?
Ciro Santilli sometimes fantasizes of having worked there in their golden years...
Original headquarters and laboratories: 463 West Street in New York, Manhattan area. On Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman Feynman mentions that in 1941 they could see the construction of the George Washington Bridge, presumably from that building, when William Shockley brought him over to visit to get a job there. However, the actual
Some interesting videos:
101 Crawfords Corner Rd Holmdel, NJ 07733 USA
It started with radio research apparently, including Karl Guthe Jansky.
They had a smaller building first: and in 1962 opened the large new building.
Video 2.
Holmdel 20th Anniversary by AT&T Tech Channel (1982)
. Source.
Video 3.
N.J.’s historic Bell Labs complex brought back to life as Bell Works by (2022)
. Source. Shows the renewed building after the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex closure.
600 Mountain Ave bldg 5, New Providence, NJ 07974, United States.
Became headquarters in 1967,
Drone footage: Bell LABS Headquarters Murray Hill NJ in 4K Drone Flight by ESTOUCHFPV (2017)
Notable inventions made there:

American physics research institute

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These people are serious.
Where nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and a ton of derived research is made.
For a fun and brief random software encounter with that universe, see the VisIt section of
This is where they moved the Chicago Pile-1 after they decided it might be a bad idea to run highly experimental nuclear reactions right in the middle of one of the most populous cities of the United States.
After it was reassembled, the Chicago Pile-1 was renamed as Chicago Pile 2 (CP2).
So more precisely, it is a continuation of the Metallurgical Laboratory.
It's still not that far though, only about 20 kilometers, and today is also a populated area.
Ciro Santilli maintains that they chose the site because the name is so cool. Wikipedia says it is derived from the Forest of Argonne, maybe it even shared etymology with the element argon.
Founded partly due to the influence of Edward Teller who thought Los Alamos National Laboratory was not making good progress on thermonuclear weapons, large part of which was developed there.
Located in Tennessee in the East of the United States.
This is where the X-10 Graphite Reactor was located.
An intermediate step between the nuclear chain reaction prototype Chicago Pile-1 and the full blown mass production at Hanford site. Located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Figure 1.
Exterior of the X-10 Graphite Reactor in 1950
. Source.
Produced the enriched uranium used for Little Boy, located in the area/predecessor of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
NNSA laboratory
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Video 4. . Source.
Historian Alan B. Carr:
Publicly released documents from the Los Alamos National Laboratory are marked with this identifier. This is for example the case of each video on ther YouTube channel: E.g. Video "Historic, unique Manhattan Project footage from Los Alamos by Los Alamos National Lab" is marked with "LA-UR 11-4449". contains "How to Get an LA-UR: Using RASSTI to Release Your Work" which is of interest: That document documents the acronym's expansion, plus it leaks some internal-only URLs such as
TODO is there somewhere you can search for the document for a given identifier? Some PDFs are listed at:
Name of the Los Alamos National Laboratory site during the Manhattan Project, before it was renamed to Los Alamos National Laboratory.

French physics research institute

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Centerpiece of the CEA since the beginning of the French nuclear weapons program, headquarters since 2006.
As of 2023 the place was blurred on Google Maps staellite view, no wonder.
Figure 3. Source.



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