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TypeScript is good. It does find errors in your JavaScript. But it is a form of "turd polishing". But Ciro Santilli would rather have a polished turd than a non-polished one.
Part of the reason TypeScript became popular is due to the universality of asset bundlers. Once you are already using an asset bundler, changing the .js extension into .ts to get a less shitty experience is an easy choice.
The other big reason is that JavaScript is so lose with type conversions, notably undefined happily converting to strings without problems, and any missing properties of Object happily being undefined. We should actually use ES6 Map everywhere instead of using Objects as maps.
Since TypeScript is not the default form of the language however, it inevitably happens that you need to add external types for a gazillion projects that are using raw JavaScript, and sometimes fight a lot to get things to work. And so we have: Not sure if this is beautiful, or frightening.
But in the end, as with other type of static linters, TypeScript generally transforms a few hard to debug runtime issues, into a bunch of stupid to solve compile time issues, which is generally a good thing.
The fact that this it parses comments JSDoc comments in JavaScript files is quite amazing.
Examples under typescript. Run each one of them with:
npx tsc example.ts
node example.js
tsr() (
  # ts Run
  npx tsc "$f"
  node "${f%.*}.js"
tsr example.ts
Some major annoyances of TypeScript:


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