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There are a few dozen ASCII arts in the blockchain.
To be honest, almost all of them are copy pastes of stuff present elsewhere, or boring auto-generated ones. But hey, it's still fun to see.
ASCII porn, all of them also reproduced at: therefore not blockchain original:
  • tx 9206ec2a41846709a59cafb406dd7b07082bfc27664bbc5c6d4df310c1e1b91f: sexually aroused naked woman sitting looking forward with legs open showing her vagina. Vagina row as an identifier for Ctrl + F:
    .     `.    .\x./-`--...../'   ;   :
    A bit bellow tx 8367a48e4a863e37b3749bc9c111327b07a7c383ec9b3e7ce8d41949e71e1c10 has a large hand showing the middle finger
  • tx 0aab36554c2ac5ec23747e7f21f75dbe3f16739134cf44953ad7ac98927146d6: naked woman laying on her side showing her vagina from under her legs, signed fsc. TODO full author name?
Transaction inputs with ASCII art, some miners went all the way: