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This hardcore physics dude has amazing content, notably in particle physics, and he seems to know the history of physics insanely well, notably emphasizing that there is value in tutorials written by early pioneers of the field, see also Section "How to teach and learn physics".
Figure 2. Ron Maimon's Physics Stack Exchange profile picture. Source.
He does subscribe to some theories which Ciro Santilli considers conspiracy theories, e.g. his ideas about the Boston Marathon bombing that got him banned from Quora (a ban which Ciro strongly opposes due to freedom of speech concerns!), but the physics might be sound, Ciro Santilli does not know enough physics to judge, but it often feels that what he says makes sense.
Ron seems to share a few philosophies which Ciro greatly agrees with as part of Cirism, which together with his knowledge of physics, make Ciro greatly respect Ron. Such philosophies include:
He has either been blocked from or quit every single website he participates in due to his highly combative nature:
Ron explicitly defends this combative approach at from Video 1. "Ron Maimon interview with Jeff Meverson (2014)":
In order to have this process work [finding of truth] it is extremely important that the tone is hostile, that it is like a court of law, where you have an adversarial relationship with your opponent. Because if you have a friendly relationship with your opponent, then political consensus is preserved.
And notably, relevant to
Unfortunately, when you're in a minority, the only way to correct the consensus view is to just shout it, and repeat it, until people go and look and check for themselves. The reason is that it creates an adversarial atmosphere where the people have to pick sides, and they don't like to pick sides, they would rather have everyone be happy. So when you have to pick sides, what do you do? You either butt out, you just leave it alone, you run away. Or you sit and review the evidence until you know which side to pick.
and he than also mentions that Wolfgang Pauli was a major proponent of this in physics, and so was Galileo. mentions that he was at Cornell University and did all but dissertation, but he mentions that he was still self-taught:
Eugene Seidel: On your personal info page you write that you are not a physics Ph.D. but does that mean you were a physics undergrad in college then went to grad school and finished ABD... or are you entirely self taught?
Ron Maimon: ABD. I am self- taught though, I only went to school for accreditation. I had a thesis worth of work at the time I left grad-school,
Eugene Seidel: ok thanks
Ron Maimon: I was just kind of sickened by academic stuff that was going on--- large extra dimensions were popular then.
Eric Walker: Anyway, thanks Ron -- I'll get back to you with more questions soon, I'm sure.
Ron Maimon: Also I was at Cornell, my advisor left for Cincinnatti, and I was not in very good standing there (I was kind of a jerk, as I still am). Some friends wanted to start a biotech company called "Gene Network Sciences", and I joined them.
This is corroborated e.g. at:
This is the company he talks about:
At from Video 1. "Ron Maimon interview with Jeff Meverson (2014)" he mentions his brother is a professor. At confirms that his brother's name is "Gaby Maimon", so this neuroscience professor at the Rockerfeller University. Looks, age, location and research interest match.
Ron disappeared from the Internet at around 2014. Ciro figures he's hanging out with Ettore Majorana somewhere.
Video 1. Ron Maimon interview with Jeff Meverson (2014) Source. Ripped from Jeff's "Quoracast": Ron mentions he was an early-Usenet user. Key points: