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E.g. the Everyday Robots robot.
Looks cool. That's what 1k USD gets you.
Video 1. Rotrics DexArm is available NOW! by Rotrics (2020) Source.
Video 2. Computer Vision Kit for DexArm by Rotrics (2020) Source.
Video 3. Singapore's Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insects by Vice Media (2018) Source.
By Dr. Hirotaka Sato from Nanyang Technological University Singapore.
It is a bit rough, but kind of works. Flight control is only left or right though, they don't stimulate the wings directly.
Video 4. 10 TINY Micro Robots and Nano Drones by JUST AMAZING (2020) Source.
Video 5. University of Washington engineers created the RoboFly by CNBC (2018) Source.
The Robotics team at TRI is working hard to close the gap between simulation and reality. For manipulation, one important piece is accurate simulation of rigid-body contact.