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Quora is crap in many, many senses, but in part due to some bad Stack Overflow policies, it is the best crap we've got for certain (mostly useless) subjects. Until dominates the world.
The worst thing about quora is that you cannot subscribe only to certain subjects on your feed. Quora just keeps pumping shit you never subscribed to, no matter what. Ciro, for sport, unfollowed every single idiotic subject it was proposing, but it didn't work, sooner or later Quora just keeps pumping more shit back. Mind you, some of that shit is fun. But it's still shit. Though on second thought, YouTube also randomly decides to reset Ciro's humongous "don't recomend this shitty channel" choices from time to time, which is not much different...
Other terrible things:
  • around 2022, quora started showing "related" answers to other questions, possibly before actualy answers to the question itself. This, together with an insane number of inline ads that look very similar to answers, makes it very hard to decide what is an actual answer or not.
  • around 2021, quora started expanding any link as a huge preview box that completely takes over the answer, and it is very hard to stop it from doing so
See also: for a coverage of the intense pro-CCP astroturfing present on the website.