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In this section contains a list of images we could find that wre uploaded as raw data to the blockchain, without any special encoding, e.g. as done by the AtomSea & EMBII system.
It is possible that some/most of those were uploaded via the system, but since that indexer stopped working, and since the format is so non-specific, it is not possible be sure as far as we can tell.
These images were indexed by looking for standard transaction output script hashes that contain JPEG or PNG images immediately on the first payload byte based on file signature bytes and indexed/easily downloaded at
Figure 14. JPG thumbnail. Block 349362 (2015). Presumably a JPEG upload test.
Figure 15. we love bitcoin.
A heart next to a bitcoin logo and written "we love bitcoin". Reproduced at:
Embedded in the image itself, there's a message in the header comments: "Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks" which is the opening paragraph of:
Block 351375 (2015).
Figure 16. Erich Erstu. Alias: 1Hyena. A well built man wearing a gas mask. Google image search leads to: (archive), who is the creator of It was around after this time that the number of raw images surged dramatically in the blockchain, so it is possible that this is when the service started operating. This further suggests that most raw image uploads we found were made with Block 416527.
Figure 17. Water Deer. "Water Deer" image, visible at: Block 416735.
Figure 18. A mining supplier: Block 416835.
Figure 19. Nada from They Live (1988). Block 416896.
Figure 20. Cryptocurrenty Minning ad. Twitter "@dobcrypto": Reuploaded at: Block 417111.
Figure 21. Chinese wedding.
A white man and a Chinese woman both in Chinese traditional dressess holding hands, presumably a token from their wedding. TODO transcribe and translate the Chinese text, cursive grass script + traditional characters + ultra-low res put this beyond Ciro Santilli's capabilities/patience ratio. Given the format, it is likely some well known beautiful old poem. Ciro Santilli's wife's transcribed gave the first column as:
"Danzhen" (?) hides silently in the mountains
and no Google hits, so maybe an original poem? What a hero. TODO transcribe the rest. Block 417131.
If Danzhen is a proper noun, the only hit is 洛桑丹珍 (pinyin: Luosang Danzhen), who appears to be a Chinese Communist Party official that worked in Tibet. So does not feel likely.
Figure 22. Superbuffo. Googling gives a Toni Caradonna: Block 417354. At that twitter account claimed the art or its depiction. has some obscure references to him.
Figure 23. Rene Angelil and Celine Dion. Reproduced at: but cropped to faces. Block 417272.
Figure 24. New Age dance. Woman dancing a New Age-like dance with New Age-like Indian looking clothes, holding a lamp, and with a rose on her hair. TODO identify. Block 419676.
Figure 25. Snake penetration sculputure. Sculpture of what seems to be a snake penetrating a vagina. Block 420122.
Figure 26. Wedding invitation. TODO: make out names, quite low res, no patience. Looks like Cyrillic script. Block 420960.
Figure 27. Bitcoin love certificate. Hard to make out due to ultra-low-res, and in Cyrillic script. Contains three dates: 8.02.1982, 16.07.1992 and 17.07.2016. Block 421151.
Figure 28. Oles Slobodenyuk.
Wedding picture with people holding "Blockchain" and "Ipa" signs.
Reproduced at: Google translate:
One of the initiators of the launch of this pool was Oles Slobodenyuk, who earlier created a grocery store in Kiev accepting bitcoins, arranged a TakeMyBitcoin flash mob, and also registered his own marriage in the bitcoin blockchain on the website.
Oles is for example featured at: Bitcoin Miners Are Heating Homes Free of Charge in Frigid Siberia by Anna Baydakova (2019)
Block 421280.
Figure 29. Nematode. A... nematode-like shaped hand drawn extremely simple image. A test upload presumably? The squiggle outside of the worm might be a test direction marker. Block 424414.
Figure 30. Hand written contract.
Wedding contract written in Czech. Transcription and translation by Petr Kadlec:
Svým podpisem pod tímto textem potvrzuji, že Daniela Dudysová a Pavel Urbaczka v mé přítomnosti dne 20.8.2016 v Ropici projevili vůli uzavřít spolu manželství, přičemž ani jeden z těchto projevů se mi nejevil jako nesvobodný, nikoliv vážný, nesrozumitelný, omylný nebo uzavřený v tísni.
With my signature under this text, I confirm Daniela Dudysová and Pavel Urbaczka have, in my presence on 2016-08-20 in Ropice, expressed the will to enter marriage, whereas neither of their expressions seemed to me to be non-free, not serious, in error, or under distress.
Tereza (unreadable) Hana (unreadable) Jakub (unreadable) Radim Kozub (unreadable) (unreadable) Lenka (unreadable)
Petr also conjectures that Jakub may refer to Jakub Olšina from Blockchain Legal. Figure 31. "Wedding on grass" on the same block contains a image of a wedding, presumably the same of the contract. The photo of the man might be the same person as, but a bit younger.
Block 426072.
Figure 31. Wedding on grass. Block 426072.
Figure 32. Onshape ad. Ad for, an online CAD company:
#CAD users all over the world are designing in the cloud! Join them by creating a #free Onshape account: Block 426832.
Figure 33. Hello. Yes, this is dog. Block 440418.
Figure 34. Ross Ulbricht. Exact image also reproduced at: Block 442225.
Figure 35. Tuxedo and rose. Black and white and intentionally blurred photo of couple, the woman wears a tuxedo, and the man holds a red rose/light-like thing in the middle. Block 453083.
Figure 36. Couple on mountains. Middle aged couple selfie in front of some mountains. Block 456370.
Figure 37. Tank Man.
Searching for the image hash ca4f11131eca6b4d61daf707a470cfccd1ef3d80a6f8b70f1f07616b451ca64e leads to which links to suggesting that this upload was made with, or at least was indexed by it. But that link is not working as of 2021.
Block 458238.
Figure 38. Cat manga. TODO identify, transcribe japanese. Block 581526.
Figure 39. Arms crossed. Nerdy caucasian woman in her early 20's wearing glasses and a jeans jacked with her arms crossed. TODO identify. Block 597374.
Figure 40. Black cat. No, Google reverse image is not going to find the exact one amongst billions of pics. Block 625045.
Figure 41. Teddy bear. Block 654100 (2020)