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Follows the "certified teacher only" approach which is in Ciro Santilli's opinion a fatal flaw of most elearning systems out there, won't suffer from that!
But that is a very, very good project.
All notes appear to have been extracted from existing notes, as noted on the bottom of each page.
Appears to have mixed licenses. E.g.:
TODO how does it work exactly? Do they ask for permission from authors in every case, including when the content has open license? Or when it has open license, do they just do it? In some cases, the notes have no license, so they must have asked.
TODO what is the source code that authors write? LaTeX or something else? LaTeX feels extremely likely given that it is what most original materials were already written in.
They are attempting a "model up this entire university" thing: which is good. E.g. they have a bunch of "quantum mechanics ones under:
Appears to be UC Davies-based mostly.
They claim to use this closed source backend: Seriously? For a publicly funded project with low-tech requirements?? It is mind blowing.
Some issues:
OK let's database it:
Quantum mechanicsRichard
Quantum mechanicsMichael
Quantum mechanicsNiels BY-NC-SA 2.0
Quantum mechanicsGraeme BY 4.0
Quantum mechanicsPieter BY-NC-SA 4.0
Quantum mechanicsY. D. BY-SA 4.0
Quantum mechanicsMihály BY 3.0
Quantum mechanicsKonstantin K. BY-NC-SA 4.0


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