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1.1. Advances

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This was the major final step of fully integrating the OurBigBook CLI into the dynamic website (besides fixing some nasty bugs that escaped passed by me from the previous newsletter).
The implementation was done by "simply" reusing scopes, e.g.: cirosantilli's article about mathematics has scope cirosantilli and full ID cirosantilli/mathematics.
That on the website is equivalent to a local file structure of:
The problem is that a bunch of subdirectory scope operations were broken locally as well, as it simply wasn't a major use case. But now they became a major use case for , so I fixed them.
Figure 1. Before.
Figure 2. After.
Added font awesome icons.
Didn't manage to subset, but so be it for now:
Now that we can reliably split files at will with \Include, I finally added this feature.
This means while developing a website locally with the OurBigBook CLI, if you have a bunch of files with an error in one of them, your first run will run slowly until the error:
extract_ids README.ciro
extract_ids README.ciro finished in 73.82836899906397 ms
extract_ids art.ciro
extract_ids art.ciro finished in 671.1738419979811 ms
extract_ids ciro-santilli.ciro
extract_ids ciro-santilli.ciro finished in 1009.6256089992821 ms
extract_ids science.ciro
error: science.ciro:13686:1: named argument "parent" given multiple times
extract_ids science.ciro finished in 1649.6193730011582 ms
but further runs will blast through the files that worked, skipping all files that have sucessfully converted:
extract_ids README.ciro
extract_ids README.ciro skipped by timestamp
extract_ids art.ciro
extract_ids art.ciro skipped by timestamp
extract_ids ciro-santilli.ciro
extract_ids ciro-santilli.ciro skipped by timestamp
extract_ids science.ciro
so you can fix file by file and move on quickly.
More details at:
This was not fully trivial to implement because we had to rework how duplicate IDs are checked. Previously, we just nuked the DB every time on a directory conversion, and then repopulated everything. If a duplicated showed up on a file, it was a duplicate.
But now that we are not necessarily extracing IDs from every file, we can't just nuke the database anymore, otherwise we'd lose the information. Therefore, what we have to do is to convert every file, and only at the end check the duplicates.
Managed to do that with a single query as documented at:
The name cirodown should not appear anywhere now, except with very few exceptions, e.g.:
I have also squatted OurBigBook on all major social media handles for near future usage, e.g.: and so on.
I was going to do this sooner or later, it was inevitable, but the timing was partly triggered due to noticing that English speakers (and likely many other nationalities) are not able to easily read/hear/pronounce "Ciro".
After breaking production and sweating for a bit hotfixing (not that anyone uses the website yet), I decided to be smart and created a staging server: Now I can blow that server up as I wish without afecting users. Documented at:
After something broke on the website due to SQLite vs PostgreSQL inconsistencies and took me a day to figure it out, I finally decided to update the test system so that OURBIGBOOK_POSTGRES=true npm test will run the tests on PostgreSQL.
Originally, these were being run only on SQLite, which is the major use case for OurBigBook CLI, which came before the website.
But the website runs on PostgreSQL, so it is fundamental to test things in PostgreSQL as well.
One of the key advances of the previous update was to show include headers on the table of contents.
This was to allow splitting source files freely.
While that goal was in principle achieved in that commit, when I went ahead to split the huge index of into multiple files, I notice several bugs that took a week to fix.
After all of these were solved, I finally managed to split the README at: and keep the previous desired output. You can now see that the README contains just:
This split led to a small positive modification of the output as follows. Previously, a section such as "Quantum Electrodynamics" would have been present in the monolithic README.ciro as:
= Quantum electrodynamics
If you visited, you would see see a link to the "nosplit" version, which would link you back to, but that is not great, since this is was a humongous page with all of the README.ciro, and took long to display.
After the split, = Quantum electrodynamics is present under science.ciro, and the nosplit version is the more manageable
The key changes that were missing for that to happen were:
Issue report at: Suppose you had:
= Programming language

{title=The \x[python-programming-language] logo}

== Python
= Logos I like

Now, when rendering \x[image-the-python-logo], we would need to fetch two IDs:
  • image-the-python-logo for the The and logo part
  • python-programming-language itself, to know that \x[python-programming-language] should render as Python
But after group all SQL queries together was done, there was no way to know that rendering image-the-python-logo would imply also fetching python-programming-language.
This was solved by adding a new database entry type, REFS_TABLE_X_TITLE_TITLE to the existing References table, which tracks dependencies between IDs.
After this was setup, we can now know that image-the-python-logo depends on image-the-python-logo, and then fetch both of them together in a single JOIN.

1.2. Next steps

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Some smart people just brought up to my attention that is a bit like: and other graph knowledges. I feel ashemed for not having seen this software and its alternatives before. I was so focused on the "book aspect" of it that I didn't search much in there. I couldn't find an immediate project killer superset from the options in that area, but maybe one exists. We'll see.

3. China front

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The China front was of course the Russia front this time: (Путлер-Капут-六四事)

4. Not work

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I read Human Compatible by Stuart J. Russell (2019). Some AI safety people were actually giving out free copies after a talk, can you believe it! Good book.


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