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One of the key advances of the previous update was to show include headers on the table of contents.
This was to allow splitting source files freely.
While that goal was in principle achieved in that commit, when I went ahead to split the huge index of into multiple files, I notice several bugs that took a week to fix.
After all of these were solved, I finally managed to split the README at: and keep the previous desired output. You can now see that the README contains just:
This split led to a small positive modification of the output as follows. Previously, a section such as "Quantum Electrodynamics" would have been present in the monolithic README.ciro as:
= Quantum electrodynamics
If you visited, you would see see a link to the "nosplit" version, which would link you back to, but that is not great, since this is was a humongous page with all of the README.ciro, and took long to display.
After the split, = Quantum electrodynamics is present under science.ciro, and the nosplit version is the more manageable
The key changes that were missing for that to happen were:


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