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Issue report at: Suppose you had:
= Programming language

{title=The \x[python-programming-language] logo}

== Python
= Logos I like

Now, when rendering \x[image-the-python-logo], we would need to fetch two IDs:
  • image-the-python-logo for the The and logo part
  • python-programming-language itself, to know that \x[python-programming-language] should render as Python
But after group all SQL queries together was done, there was no way to know that rendering image-the-python-logo would imply also fetching python-programming-language.
This was solved by adding a new database entry type, REFS_TABLE_X_TITLE_TITLE to the existing References table, which tracks dependencies between IDs.
After this was setup, we can now know that image-the-python-logo depends on image-the-python-logo, and then fetch both of them together in a single JOIN.


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