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Musk is a truly ambivalent personality. Some points are very good. Some are very bad.
Respect on the technical side by Ciro Santilli.
But the way he treated his first wife Justine Musk, is very very weird, incomprehensible:
Positive Cirocoins for possibly going to reverse Twitter's unfair Trump ban if his Twitter acquisition goes through:
Negative Cirocoins for according to Wikipedia:
Within the merged company [Thiel's Confinity + Elon's], Musk returned as CEO. Musk's preference for Microsoft software over Unix created a rift in the company and caused Thiel to resign.
Video 16. The REAL Reason Why Tesla Made All Patents Open-Source by The not so boring Man (2021) Source. Supercut from various interviews/presentations in which Elon saying that Tesla has open source patents and pro open source stuff. Can we trust it? Maybe.