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Using NMR to image inside peoples bodies!
Video 10. How does an MRI machine work? by Science Museum (2019) Source. The best one can do in 3 minutes perhaps.
Video 11. How MRI Works Part 1 by thePIRL (2018) Source.
Video 12. What happens behind the scenes of an MRI scan? by Strange Parts (2023) Source.
Video 13. Dr Mansfield's MRI MEDICAL MARVEL by BBC. Source. Broadcast in 1978. Description:
Tomorrow's World gave audiences a true world first as Dr Peter Mansfield of the University of Nottingham demonstrated the first full body prototype device for Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), allowing us to see inside the human body without the use of X-rays.
Featuring the yet-to-be 2003 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine Dr. Mansfield.



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