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I wonder where the spray painted sign went: As mentioned at and elsewhere, Jeff did all he could to save money, e.g. he made the desks himself from pieces of wood. Mentioned e.g. at from Video 5. "Jeff Bezos presentation at MIT (2002)".
Video 2. report by Computer Chronicles (1996)
. Source. Contains some good footage of their early storehouse.
Video 3.
Jeff Bezos interview by Chuck Films (1997)
. Source. On the street, with a lot of car noise. CC BY-SA, nice.
Video 4.
Order from Bulgaria by Jeff Bezos (2002)
. Source. Full video: Video 5. "Jeff Bezos presentation at MIT (2002)"
Video 5.
Jeff Bezos presentation at MIT (2002)
. Source. Good talk:
Video 6.
Jeff Bezos Revealed by Bloomberg (2015)
. Source.
Video 7.
cosine by Jeff Bezos (2018)
. Source.
PDE mention in another video from 2009:
Full original video from The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. (2018):
Bezos also told PDE stuff in interviews as early as 1999:
  • This is what it was like to work at Amazon 20 years ago (2015). Good annecdotes from the first offices.


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