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Reviews mostly old RPG and strategy games. And hentai games when it is possible to hide the porn from YouTube. He also sponsors Hentai and uploads it on his website:
Ciro Santilli really likes his sense of humor, always going into "politically incorrect" areas, and often making fun of both dictatorships and the USA. He actually knows a bit about politics. Due to the nature of his humour, many of his earlier videos have been taken down from YouTube apparently, mentions:
Ever since going full time, I'm usually very clean and stay out of trouble, but in the past a fair number of my videos were taken down.
The videos are also incredibly packed full of well selected edited-in "memes jokes". He particularly likes very short snippets of gay porn which cannot actually be taken down as porn, even though the obviously are porn excerpts, like the buffed dude blowing a kiss to his tit. Heroes of Might and Magic III (2018) is one of the best reviews. Sseth likes to find and make fun of game breaking imbalances, something that Ciro likes due to his Ciro Santilli's self perceived creative personality. The Sseth Streaming Experience (2019), being a live stream, likely shows more realistically how Seth actually talks in real life. Might and Magic VI (Re)Review is another good video (2021)
Sseth has a certain vaporwave aesthetic, which Ciro also enjoys. gives his profile image from: shows what could actually be outside of his real window.


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