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Run output is placed under out/:
Some of the output data is stored as .cpickle files. To observe those files, you need the original Python classes, and therefore you have to be inside Docker, from the host it won't work.
We can list all the plots that have been produced under out/ with
find -name '*.png'
Plots are also available in SVG and PDF formats, e.g.:
  • PNG: ./out/manual/plotOut/low_res_plots/massFractionSummary.png
  • SVG: ./out/manual/plotOut/svg_plots/massFractionSummary.svg The SVGs write text as polygons, see also: SVG fonts.
  • PDF: ./out/manual/plotOut/massFractionSummary.pdf
The output directory has a hierarchical structure of type:
  • wildtype_000000: variant conditions. wildtype is a human readable label, and 000000 is an index amongst the possible wildtype conditions. For example, we can have different simulations with different nutrients, or different DNA sequences. An example of this is shown at run variants.
  • 000000: initial random seed for the initial cell, likely fed to NumPy's np.random.seed
  • genereation_000000: this will increase with generations if we simulate multiple cells, which is supported by the model
  • 000000: this will presumably contain the cell index within a generation
We also understand that some of the top level directories contain summaries over all cells, e.g. the massFractionSummary.pdf plot exists at several levels of the hierarchy:
Each of thoes four levels of plotOut is generated by a different one of the analysis scripts:
  • ./out/manual/plotOut: generated by python runscripts/manual/ Contains comparisons of different variant conditions. We confirm this by looking at the results of run variants.
  • ./out/manual/wildtype_000000/plotOut: generated by python runscripts/manual/ --variant_index 0. TODO not sure how to differentiate between two different labels e.g. wildtype_000000 and somethingElse_000000. If -v is not given, a it just picks the first one alphabetically. TODO not sure how to automatically generate all of those plots without inspecting the directories.
  • ./out/manual/wildtype_000000/000000/plotOut: generated by python runscripts/manual/ --variant_index 0 --seed 0
  • ./out/manual/wildtype_000000/000000/generation_000000/000000/plotOut: generated by python runscripts/manual/ --variant_index 0 --seed 0 --generation 0 --daughter 0. Contains information about a single specific cell.


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