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Ciro Santilli has already watched all the best films in history, and as a result any of those new movies that is full of clichés and has no innovative aspect at all (99.99999% of all modern movies) makes Ciro want to puke and to start Googling TV Tropes to classify as many clichés as possible.
Good movies are those that teach you mechanisms of the real world. Willing suspension of disbelief must be maintained at all costs.
Or of what could happen a world where a single sci-fi element is added and explored to its limits.
Love is not an interesting aspect of the world. You solve your love life at university, Tinder or Tango.
The actually interesting aspects of the world are:
  • business
  • war
  • crime
  • government
  • science
Movies with a lot of action scenes, with exception of some war movies, are shit.
The sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism must be close to Cynicism max at all times. Movies with pure good and pure bad are shit.
Knowing spoilers has no effect in the film's enjoyment. The interest of storyline concepts is all that matters, visuals and acting are useless.