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Ciro could not understand why Nintendo won't make a proper 3D MMORPG Pokemon with actually 3D Pokemon roaming the land, which is obviously what everyone wants. There are even fan games getting there!
until this explaiend it beautifully Video 1. "The Downfall Of Mainline Pokemon Games by [GONZ] media (2020)":
  • Pokemon became an industrialized yearly game spitting machine, and therefore any new feature is just extra risk
  • Pokemon was kept mostly as a handheld exclusive to sell handlhelds, with a few early exceptions such as Pokemon Snap
Figure 1. Instead of risking anything new, let's play it safe by continuing our slow decline into obsolecense cartoon by Tom Fishburne. Source.
Video 1. The Downfall Of Mainline Pokemon Games by [GONZ] media (2020) Source. Great video, explains things Ciro had never thought about, e.g. how the Nintendo Switch unified handheld and console for Nintento, this could open the doors for a more ambitious Pokemon release.