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  • against all odds, the experiment worked and we got DNA out of the water, despite a bunch of non-bio newbs actively messing with random parts of the experiment
  • PuntSeq and Biomakespace people, and all those tho do scientific outreach, are awesome!
  • biology is hard
  • creating insanely media rich articles like this is also hard, but the following helped enormously:
    • Wikimedia Commons to store large media files out of Git
    • Asciidoctor extensions to easily include those media files. The lessons learnt in this article were then an important motivation for Ciro's OurBigBook Markup, to which this article was later migrated.
    • Nomacs to give Google Photos photos meaningful names and to edit people's faces out of pictures ;-)
  • some scientific Wikipedia pages may or may not have been edited with better pictures during the course of writing this article