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His combination of politically incorrect dirt talk with amazing quirky decks captures Ciro's imagination.
Anonymous no face-reveal.
The videos are heavily edited with all pauses cut out, which makes them very quick to watch and saves viewer time.
Modern focused, with some occasional newer formats mixed in.
When Wizards publishes several useless sets in a row without a single modern playable card, he's just forced into Standard.
Video 3. Magic Aids vs. Magic Rainbows by Magic Aids (2018) Source. In this amazing video Magic Aids makes fun of Wizards for forcing him to change is Magic Online handle from Magic Aids to something else due to the AIDS part. He claims the Aids is not meant as a reference to the disease, but just as in "memory aid". Ciro doubts this wasn't intentional. But the video is still amazing, and happens to involve a sex doll dressed as Liliana Vess squirting glitter from her vagina. Wizards must love this guy. It is also a good criticism of political correctness in general. This is a work of art.