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Tried a quick port to SQLite to get rid of annoying local databases for development, but failed, at c1c2cc4e448b279ff083272df1ac50d20c3304fa
npm install sqlite3 --save-dev
  "type": "sqlite",
  "database": "db.sqlite3",
  "entities": ["src/**/**.entity{.ts,.js}"],
  "synchronize": true
npm start
fails with:
DataTypeNotSupportedError: Data type "timestamp" in "ArticleEntity.created" is not supported by "sqlite" database.
Attempt to hack it:
--- a/src/article/article.entity.ts
+++ b/src/article/article.entity.ts
@@ -20,10 +20,10 @@ export class ArticleEntity {
   @Column({default: ''})
   body: string;

-  @Column({ type: 'timestamp', default: () => "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"})
+  @Column({ default: () => "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"})
   created: Date;

-  @Column({ type: 'timestamp', default: () => "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"})
+  @Column({ default: () => "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"})
   updated: Date;
and after that it seems to run.
I can signup and login, terrible error reporting as usual, make sure to use long enough usernames/passwords.
However, article creation fails with:
Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): Cannot read property 'slug' of undefined