Ciro Santilli

Professional Interests

The key content previously on this page was moved to the following sections:

I really like open source. It gives more opportunities to the poor countries, and reduces lock-in to my current employer. Shame it is not always economically feasible…

I’m not a big fan of working remotely, because you don’t feel people’s love as strongly, and usefulness is built on love. But please, give me a small silent office so I can concentrate instead of a silly open space, and create an internal social network so I can see what others are doing. Remote working can only be attempted if the majority of the team also does it, otherwise you will get excluded. Maybe after VR…

For large resources, I prefer textual information (e.g. wikis, issue trackers) over non-textual (e.g. videos, meetings), because it is cheaper to make, modify, searchable, often more precise, and takes less disk space and bandwidth. A sequence of well chosen images is better than any video. Videos must be short and juicy, just to share the love.

I am also interested in academia. I like to teach (people who want to learn) and produce optimal learning material.

I can’t stand crappy tools and documentation. If you have crappy tools, I will end up fixing those tools instead of doing what you tell me to do. Which might lead to me quitting because I can’t stand the tools, or you firing me because I’m not doing the job you think I should be doing.

If our interests coincide, ping me even if you don’t have an specific proposal immediately. I want to know that you exist :-)