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Non-technical skills were moved to: Ciro Santilli's skills.
This has not been updated since 2016 after Ciro got a job, because it is too hard to put a number on any skill.
What really matters are the most important projects done by Ciro Santilli.
10You literally have written a book.
7 - 9Expert, go-to person on this technology.
5 - 6Solid daily working knowledge. Highly proficient.
3 - 4Comfortable working with this, have to check manual on some things.
1 - 2Have worked with it previously but either not much, or rusty.
I copied this grading scale mechanism from a failed Google interview ;-)
One problem with it is that I am always very hesitant to put a 5 on anything, who can not look at the documentation?
It is also hard to scope things right. Who can claim to be a C++ or Linux kernel expert, even if you wrote a book about it, since those are such humongous topics?
As a result, I haven't updated this in a while, and things may be out of date.
If your project does something that interests me, I can what it takes to contribute. Tell me what I must know, how long I have to learn it, and I'll call you back when I've mastered it.
4C / C++Cheatsheets: C, C++, POSIX C API
3x86 assembly, ELFCheatsheet, x86 Paging Tutorial, Bare Metal
4BashCheatsheets: language, POSIX / GNU utils
4HTML, CSS, JavaScriptweb technology, Node.js, CoffeScript
4JavaCheatsheet, school projects
3Ruby, RailsGitLab contributions, cheatsheets: Ruby, rails-cheat
3LaTeX, MarkdownLaTeX cheatsheet, Markdown style guide, Markdown Testsuite contributions, Jekyll cheatsheet
3AlgorithmsCheatsheet and implementations
3Linux internalsLinux Kernel Module Cheat
4BuildrootSome .configs, Linux Kernel Module Cheat uses it a lot
3OpenGLCheatsheet and mini projects
3Vim.vimrc + cheatsheet at end
3DjangoCheatsheet and mini project
3QEMUQEMU recipes, basic devices
1ChefFor GitLab Contributions
1AWS, HerokuEC2, SES
1Media formatsVideo, Images, FFmpeg
1NetworkingCheatsheet, basic POSIX networking


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