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Nothing makes the fact that your life is an illusion clearer than animations of molecular biology processes. You just have no idea what is going on inside your own body right now!
And don't get Ciro Santilli started on the brain and the impossibility of free will.
And yet, we live, oblivious to all of it.
Video 2. ATP synthase in action by HarvardX (2017) Source.
Video 3. Electron transport chain by HarvardX (2017) Source. This actually explains how mitochondrions use sugar derivatives and oxygen to transform ADP into ATP.
Video 4. The Inner Life of the Cell by XVIVO Scientific Animation (2011) Source. Also created for BioVisions from Harvard University apparently like other amazing videos. It also has the best music.
Video 5. DNA animations by for Science-Art exhibition by WEHImovies (2018) Source.
Video 6. Dengue virus Invades a Cell by XVIVO Scientific Animation (2008) Source. Reupload by the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, which was reuploaded from which was reuploaded from wherever crazy place XVIVO put it.


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