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The website moved from AsciiDoctor to OurBigBook Markup in 2020, making this section mostly useless. But hey, history!
Ciro's website is powered by GitHub Pages and Jekyll Asciidoc.
The source code is located at:
Build locally, watch for changes and rebuild automatically, and start a local server with:
git clone --recursive
bundle install
npm install
Source: ./run.
The website will be visible at: localhost:4000.
Tested on the latest Ubuntu.
Publish changes to GitHub Pages:
git add -u
git commit -m 'make yourself look sillier'
Source: ./publish.
GitHub forces us to use the master branch for the build output... so the actual source is in the branch dev.
Update the gems with:
bundle update
git add Gemfile.lock
git commit -m 'update gems'
His website was originally written in markdown, however those were deprecated in favour of AsciiDoctor when Ciro saw the light, rationale shown at: use-asciidoc">markdown-style-guideuse-asciidoc
GitHub pages is chosen instead of a single page GitHub README.adoc for the following reasons:


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