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This is the first of many love declarations and mentions EMBII makes of his partner Chiharu!
Figure 8. ILoveYouMore.jpg. Source. Message:
My Dearest Chiharu....I Love you more. <3 Eric
Note that she's Japanese and not really bond, it's hair dye.
SatoFamily.jpg gives Chiharu's full identity with picture basically:
Figure 9. SatoFamily.jpg. Source. Message:
The Sato Family Arrives from Japan! Taken Aug 2. 2014 in Minneapolis MN. (Keiko, Chiharu, Hideaki, Katsuhiko) Now preparing for the Sato / Bobby Great American Vacation!!
so presumably Chiharu's full name is Chiharu Sato.
More Chiharu at: "#Chiharu #embii & the #AtomSea #Fargo #ND", so their location was:,_North_Dakota
OurWedding.jpg (2014-08-07)
My Dearest Chiharu, I will love you forever. Taken Aug 6th 2014 in Ipswich, SD.