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These are of course likely all made by AtomSea & EMBII themselves while developing/testing their upload system.
They are also artsy peoeple themselves, and as pointed at what they were doing was basicaly non-fungible token art, which became much much more popular a few years later around 2021.
The first upload that we could find at was tx 44e80475dc363de2c7ee17b286f8cd49eb146165a79968a62c1c2c4cf80772c9 on block 272573 but it does not show on Bitfossil: This is was due to an upload bug explained by the following entry. By looking at the ASCII data at that this is meant to contain the same content as the following message: a quote from the Bhagavad Gita, so this is definitely a bugged version of the following one.
The next one is on block 272577 (2013-12-02). It reads:
followed by:
He who regards
With an eye that is equal
Friends and comrades,
The foe and the kinsman,
The vile, the wicked,
The men who judge him,
And those who belong
To neither faction:
He is the greatest.
The bug message is definitely a reference to the previous non-visible bugged upload, TODO understand exactly how they fucked up. This illustrates the beauty of the blockchain very well: unlike with version control, you don't just see selected snapshots: you see actual debug logs!!!
The third one contains the first actual image WeAreStarStuff.jpg:
Figure 6. WeAreStarStuff.jpg. Source.
Block 272,592 (2013-12-02) Message:
Photo etchin' test. #AtomSea #embii (photo by Travis Ehrich)
The image shows showingAtomSea and EMBII together, presumably photographed by this dude.
The name is of course a reference to the quote/idea: We Are Made of Star-Stuff that was much popularized by Carl Sagan.
For some reason, for some time it was not showing up at: from block 272,592, but this was apparently a bug of the viewer that was later fixed tested as of 2023. Becaus of this, the version here was ripped from the Bitcoin Testnet visible at: from circa 2015-07-24, much later than the original. which would have been at around 2013-12-02. The data relating to that can be seen at: but we don't have a local decoder yet, so can't confirm easily.
Then comes a boring logo image HugPuddle.jpg on block 272592
Figure 7. HugPuddle.jpg. Source. Message:
HugPuddle Testing Apertus Disk Drive
And then finally we meet Chiharu, EMBII's partner, with her hair painted blond (she's Japanese): ILoveYouMore.jpg.
Then there's an approximation of pi as ASCII decimal fraction