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A text/file upload system. an indexer website which interprets the format. Each page has an "abuse report" button to unindex presumably. TODO website source? Local indexer/extraction script? Ciro's indexer and its generated index can be found at:
Each AtomSea payload has a toplevel transaction which links to other transactions. All the linked transactions together make up the payload. The most common payload type is a text plus image, as is the case of Nelson-Mandela.jpg, which can be seen at where 78f0e6de0ce007f4dd4a09085e649d7e354f70bc7da06d697b167f353f115b8e is the toplevel transaction ID:
See Section 1.2. "Nelson-Mandela.jpg (2013-12-07)" for a detailed reverse engineering of the format, and Section 3. "AtomSea & EMBII data format" for a summary of it.
Holy crap, they actually support: is the system to upload/index locally, and therefore likely part of the backend of bitfossil:
The system shows the messages and the images on a single page: It is basically a blockchain-based Twitter.
Hidden surprises in the Bitcoin blockchain by Ken Shirriff (2014) suggests that AtomSea & EMBII are the creator's aliases. The following online profiles of the creators feel authentic:
Tried saying hi to them at: and they replied:
Somewhat related projects:
At (2024) EMBII mentions that he was inspired by the Satoshi uploader.


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