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2022-02: lost my Karrimor REFLEKT, must have fallen off from trouses somewhere.
2022-02: bought Burg Wachter Sold Secure Bike Chain, Lock and Ground Anchor Kit 1m, 10mm chain width:
2022-02 bought Kryptonite Kryptoflex double loop cable 1.2m length 10mm diameter braided steel cable:
2022-02: bought a Trelock BC 115/110/4 chain white for my saddle after Liv Flourish 2 (2018) the saddle of was stolen at home. Same as this but white: The keys are a bit larger than I'd like.
2021-11: buying a Cateye ViZ450 51 dollars after CatEye RAPID X2 was stolen. Unfortunately, it is not very compatible with my Topeak saddle bag... the attachment is to wide to fit the saddble bag, and even if it did it is slanted to account for seat tube slant so it would not be very verfical. Arghh, they have futher options on the website: that is the one I need, Clip C-2 or Clip C-1N. On Amazon it didn't have clear choices for that... mine came with the BracketSP-15. Ah, can buy on Amazon for 3 dollars, OK then.
2021-11: COZYROOMY multitool broke apart already, like before, but much sooner this time. What a piece of junk!!! Buying the Topeak Mini 18+ Bike Multitool Has a spoke wrench.
2021-09: COZYROOMY multitool stolen, even though it was completely in pieces already. 2021-09-21 12:30PM discovered, seat bag open, one tool on floor, and some leftovers inside, but black bag gone. Bicycle last seen 2021-09-20 6PM. Would likely have spotted it if it had happened before. Bicycle last used: 2021-09-19 6PM. Would almost for sure have seen it if it had happened by then. Rebought it.
2021-07 Topeak MTS Trunkbag EX Strap Type Fit nicely on the back of the Kross bicycle (2017). 8L. Originally to carry some extra food and water on a long summer trip. 36 pounds.
2020-11-30: Bought more "Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube" 8oz/240ml after previous disaster with the bottle because lock is a bit hard to open.
2020-11-30 WD-40 Bike, All Conditions Lube Bicycle Lubricant, 250ml. Markings: "Contains PTFE". Sprays out of bottle, so very thin.
2020-11: Park Tool CC-2 Chain Checker Tool 24 pounds
2020-04: "Park Tool HPG-1 High Performance Grease", 113 g, blue. |
2020-02: CatEye AMPP500 45 pounds High mode 500 lumens: 1.5hrs, Daytime HyperConstant mode 500/250 lumens: 5hrs. 2020-11: noticed it was cracked on top front between button and light, I think I dropped it the other day from waist height.
2020-02: Karrimor REFLEKT Band 2 pounds from Sports Direct to replace old that I destroyed by playing with it with hands on work desk
2020-01: Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner - 500ml
2020-01: Halfords Microfibre Heavy Duty Cloths (archive) 87% polyester, 13% polyamide.
2019-12: SENZEAL Bicycle Spoke Wrench Tool Spoke Key Spanner 6 in 1 for Bike Wheel Cycle Wrench 10-15 Gauge. TODO 2024: can't find those for the life in me.
2019-12: Halford's Bike Hut Chain Cleaning Kit: 18 pounds. GCN video using it: Review video saying it is useless:
2019-11: Multitool: "COZYROOMY Bike Repair Kits - Bicycle tool kit with 10 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Tool, multi-purpose bone wrench And related spare tools, 1 Portable tool bag, 6 Month Warranty". No spoke wrench unfortunately. But does have 15mm bone wrench, which opens Kross front wheel. Some months later, the thing came apart, quality was a bit shit. But I kept it in the saddle bag anyways for a long time, and just used it by putting part of it manually together.
2019-11: "CatEye RAPID X2" real lights, 40 dollars. Hopefully to increase side visibility at night, and day visibility on fast roads when cycling further on weekends. (archive) USB rechargeable. 80 lumens in high mode lasting 1 hour, 5 hours in low mode, 30 hours flashing, 16 hours rapid/pulse. Lost 2021-11 in a big city, didn't know the path well, had to cross a bunch of streets, was on back of back bag, likely stolen.
2019-10 WD-40 Smart Straw 450ml (archive)
2019-10 Finish Line Dry Teflon Tube (archive) Tube broke while opening the first day. I glued it with some superglue, but two months later found it leaked into my "oils bag", so I threw it away... it must have penetrated through the super glue.
2019-08: "CatEye CA475RAPMIN Rapid Mini Rear Lights and Reflectors, Black" stolen: (archive). Very good quality. Those USB rechargeable lights you just have got to take off with you whenever parked in town or else drug addicts will steal them because they are easy to remove for recharging. Tempted to just stick to dynamo ones that are screwed in. Re-bought original back light: AXA Basta, was a bit different from previous one, cannot take in lamps anymore, even though there is the plastic casing for them! Just not metal / wires.


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