5.21.1. Stack Overflow

For non-programmers, Stack Overflow is by far the leading programmer question and answer forum of the Internet.

A programmer’s daily job involves asking Google about 50 times a day "how to do X", and 90% of the time or more the best answer will be found on the Stack Overflow result that will be one of the top 3 results.

This makes Stack Overflow a fundamental tool of every programmer’s daily jobs.

The current community consensus says that keyword attacks are allowed:

However, you can’t say "Public figure X is disgusting as a person" so Wumao (五毛)s, could you please report Ciro making fun of Xi Jinping X and see what they do about it?


The Chinese law doesn’t allow Ciro’s profile unfortunately: Real username law (2015)

Since you will fail through Stack Overflow moderation, please consider instead making a report on the CAC report website (12321.cn, 12377.cn, 12339, 中央网信办举报网站).

Some non-political China related stuff on Stack Overflow: