26.1.4. Wumao (五毛)

50 Cent Party, 五毛党, Wumao Dang:

They can be classified as a form of information warfare (信息战).

A wise person once said:

It is impossible to distinguish wumaos, idiots and brain washed people. So we just call all of them wumaos.

But of course, the CCP is a cult (and democracy, a religion), and therefore any discussion is also pointless in general.

This leads to endless idiotic conversions of type:

You: Chinese friend, your house is on fire, let’s try to put the fire out!

Wumao: I don’t care, your house is also on fire!

You: that’s true, that fire is also very serious, and I’m trying to put it out!

Wumao: look everyone, his house is on fire! Mine isn’t!

Therefore, it is crucial to have a working algorithmic policy to handle them: How to deal with wumaos (如何应对五毛).

If it is determined that they are knowingly funded by China, they should be put into jail as foreign agents.

There is a tradeoff between privacy rights and snuffing out wumaos, and it is hard to decide where to set the line. But snuffing out wumaos is important, and must be done.

If we were to give up on privacy completely, one possible rule would be: block anyone that lives in China and whose revenue therefore cannot be investigated properly by your government to determine if they are funded by the CCP.

Here are some people completely against blocking wumaos. Those silly Democrats never prepare well enough for war:


Fifty cents, an internet buzzword, refers to people who collect money for a certain unit to say good things on the Internet

"Good". And not mention of the CCP in the article, of course.

Other names:


毛 (mao2) is a colloquial form of 角 (jiao3) both meaning "one-tenth". Coins actually use 角. See also:

In other sections:

Figure 262. 50-cent coin (五角) from the fourth series of renminbi (第四套人民币, 1987-1997). This image is going to be very useful. Note the beautiful plum blossom drawings reminiscent of Chinese traditional painting (中国传统绘画) which Ciro Santilli (三西猴, anti-CCP fanatic, 反中共狂热, stupid cunt, 傻屄, CIA agent, CIA特工, 肏你妈的) loves. Note how it uses 角 (jiao3) instead of 毛 (mao2). Source.