Stack Overflow forbids criticizing the character of genocidal political leaders like Xi Jinping

Edit: as was made clearer later on at Stack Overflow mods refuse to clarify if anti-CCP imagery is allowed or not (2021), they just generally refuse to say clearly what is allowed or not.

Ciro was actually quite shocked by this.

He thought more people on Stack Overflow would have sided with him and favored stronger freedom of speech.

But this event made him notice that people in Stack Overflow simply didn’t push back against Ciro’s anti Xi Jinping campaign because they don’t know who the fuck Xi Jinping is, or they don’t care, or they are completely hypocrite and allow criticizing Xi Jinping but not Trump.

But they do know who Trump is, and "offending Trump" makes their feeble little feelings be hurt, and they must maintain their sacred "political correctness" at all costs, even when talking about politicians. Including that the cost of freedom.

This therefore morally justifies the take-down attempts made by hundreds of Wumao (五毛)s against Ciro’s anti Xi Jinping content.

First by initiative of Stack Overflow employee Cesar Manara (Brazilian), the sentence:

I think Trump is disgusting as a person

was removed from Ciro’s profile and notified.

In response, Ciro created a meta thread to confirm that the community agreed, and they did: Can I say on my profile that I find that an (ex) president of a country or other major political public figure is “disgusting as a person”? and the community agreed with the removal: it reached only 5 upvotes and 25 downvotes. Ciro’s profile at the time was linked to Trump’s ban on social media: trump-ban-is-bad.md.

There was no yes/no answer by anyone, because the of cowardice and hypocrisy:

  • saying "you can" would imply you can criticize Trump

  • saying "you can’t" would imply they support genocide

So their brains just tilted, and they clicked the "delete" button as the only possible resolution. The overly speedy deletion of posts was then raised as an issue two days later for an unrelated post: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/405585/can-we-slow-down-on-the-deletes-on-meta-folks

Then Ciro created an answer to "Does the Be Nice policy require SE users to “be nice” to people who are not SE users (e.g. public figures)?" which is a superset of the previous ones referred by them. That post is reproduced at https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/issues/198#issuecomment-787047242 It cites the case in which the law was tested, but it was single-handedly by journeyman-geek (from Singapore) without any justification.

Ciro then finally updated his profile picture to contain Real photo of Xi Jinping edited to look like Winnie the Pooh. Source., archive at: https://archive.vn/iV1L8 to test the Winnie-the-Pooh case which people simply refused to answer. Let’s see show that goes. As Ciro learned however, only wumaos will continue to complain, and due to hypocrisy their complaints will be ignored.

Other users who publicly went against freedom of speech in that case (in the name of "political correctness"):

Freedom of speech in social media is truly threatened by the Censorship of "politically incorrect speech" (审查政治不正确言论).