CAC report website (12321.cn, 12377.cn, 12339, 中央网信办举报网站)

These are official Chinese government websites that can be used to report cybercrime, including fraud and identity theft, but also political thoughcrime:

Reports such as https://www.theage.com.au/world/asia/china-exporting-ccp-speech-controls-to-australia-as-second-university-caught-in-row-20200805-p55irf.html highlighted that these websites has a "report harmful or garbage information" entry, which can notably be used by Chinese expats to report people who badmouth the CCP, and in particular other Chinese nationals.

Typing "国家互联网信息办公室" on Google autocompleted to "国家互联网信息办公室举报" (举报 == report), and finds http://www.cac.gov.cn/hdzx/jbzx/A091102index_1.htm.

This is clearly an official government website due to the gov.cn URL, and it also has an ICP license 非经营性网站备案 (2000).

One of the categories of report on that page is: "网络不良与垃圾信息举报受理中心" (center for reporting harmful or garbage information, archive).

Notably, there is one separate entry for illegal activity as well (网络违法犯罪举报网站) and another one for pornography (中国扫黄打非网), so it is interesting to see that there is one specifically for "misinformation".

The harmful information page redirects to: https://www.12321.cn/ (archive) which has further categories.

The "report website" (举报不良网站) category links to https://www.12321.cn/web (archive) and then has a "reactonary and politically sensitive" (反动政治敏感) checkbox.

After you submit, it leads you to: https://www.12321.cn/suc (archive) in which you can optionally provide further contact details: https://www.12321.cn/reg. This appears to be no link with the previous page, so they might just do it via IP. Registration requires both a cell phone and an email.

From the website source code (very simple, hand written, we see that it uses Baidu Analytics. The CCP obviously trusts Baidu a lot :-)

On 2020-09-07, cirosantilli.com/china-dictatorship's Google Analytics had a hit coming from http://jbcz.12377.cn/report/center/web.index ("This site can’t be reached" on Chrome). This was soon after Ciro Santilli (三西猴, anti-CCP fanatic, 反中共狂热, stupid cunt, 傻屄, CIA agent, CIA特工, 肏你妈的) mentioned CAC report website (12321.cn, 12377.cn, 12339, 中央网信办举报网站) at https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/issues/149#issuecomment-688084645. This is presumably the censor’s web UI to review reports. "jb" from jbcz presumably means Ju Bao (举报), the CZ Ciro couldn’t guess. Other hits:

The toplevel http://12377.cn (archive) is entitled "中央网信办(国家互联网信息办公室)违法和不良信息举报中心" and is another report website. It is also linked to from http://www.cac.gov.cn/hdzx/jbzx/A091102index_1.htm under different categories, so it is also official.

The first category in that page is "政治类" (political category). From there we have some awesome information.

First it links to the report guidelines (举报指南) https://www.12377.cn/jbzn.html?tab=4 (archive)

涉攻击党和国家制度及重大方针政策,攻击"two safeguards,两个维护",危害国家安全、泄露国家秘密,破坏国家统一和领土完整,损害国家形象荣誉利益,破坏国家民族宗教政策、宣扬邪教,诋毁英雄烈士等内容的互联网违法和不良信息,请在此举报。

which states:

Involved in attacking the party and state system and major policies, attacking the "two safeguards", endangering national security, leaking state secrets, undermining national unity and territorial integrity, damaging national image, honor and interests, undermining national and religious policies, promoting cults, and vilifying heroes. Please report illegal and harmful information on the Internet of martyrs and other content.

so yes, attacking the party and major policies is illegal in China, big news, right? "Involved in attacking the party and state system and major policies" is then one of the categories in the report page.

Soon after the previous events in 2020-09-08, anaytics got a hit from http://openurls.com.cn/ to https://cirosantilli.com/china-dictatorship. The only function of that website appears to be to open a newline separated list of websites into separate tabs. Maybe a censor bulk quickly having a look at several tasks. It is basically a clone of https://www.openallurls.com/ but with an ICP license 非经营性网站备案 (2000) :-) The 2020-10-14 hit from http://jbcz.12377.cn was followed by another hit from http://openurls.com.cn/, further reinforcing that this is part of their review procedure. 3 more hits on / and /ciro-santilli on 2020-02-22 after pinging a few people on https://github.com/zaohmeing/21- issues. Another hit 2021-03-19 to https://cirosantilli.com, unknown cause

Further hits from https://openurls.com.cn:

Other report websites:

12321 report procedure april 2021
Figure 260. https://www.12321.cn procedure to report political content as of April 2021.
12377 report procedure april 2021
Figure 261. https://www.12377.cn procedure to report political content as of April 2021.