It is not possible to block a single page of an HTTPS website (无法阻止 HTTPS 网站的单个页面)

It is not possible for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, 中国共产党, 1949-, Cult of Mao/Xi, 毛习邪教, 10.000 year Reich) to block only certain pages of websites that use HTTPS.

This is because the connection is encrypted: the CCP can only see which domain the user is accessing, but only the website itself can see which page was requested.

So either they have to block the entire IP/domain name, or nothing.

One way that the CCP works around this is Chinese web browser censorship (中国网页浏览器审查).

Known events:

  • 2020-08: https://techcrunch.com/2020/08/17/notepad-plus-plus-blocked-in-china/ "Text editor Notepad++ banned in China after ‘Stand With Hong Kong' update" where "banned" means "the download page where they keywords are shown is now blocked in Chinese browsers". The rest of the website is still up. So no domain block due to HTTPS, browser only action for now.