How to report a user on GitHub (GitHub上怎么举报用户?)

Click the report abuse button on Ciro’s profile, which links to: https://github.com/contact/report-abuse?report=cirosantilli+%28user%29 or you can just contacat support@github.com

If you do so, please feel free to also open an issue on this repository saying why you believe the site policy has been violated.

It will be fun to watch you try, and fail.

This is because you do not understand how important the concept of freedom of speech is in the West, and how amazing it feels when you are right, and it protects you.

In order to get this repository in gov-takedown, your best bet is to use the CAC report website (12321.cn, 12377.cn, 12339, 中央网信办举报网站).

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How to report an user on GitHub
Figure 82. How to report an user on GitHhub.