Strategy if this repo gets added to GitHub gov-takedowns (如果此 repo 被添加到 GitHub gov-takedowns 中的策略)

If this happens, we well proceed to create alternative repos china-dictatorship-2, china-dictatorship-3, etc. and it would be fun to see how that gets handled.

Ciro then later renamed it to https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorhsip-2 with an intentional typo to make the censorship noise even greater.

Can Github add an entire user to gov-takedowns? We shall find out.

Ciro also created a separate org for it to also prevent simple username blocks: https://github.com/coding-stuffs/china-dictatorshrip

But remember that we also have: Mirrors of this page (此网页的镜像), and that this can be easily rendered as a single HTML page and uploaded to any static website host.