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2022: saddle and seat post stolen near home. Burn in Hell, motherfuckers. Bought a seatpost marked SP342 MICROPOST ALLOY 3 30.4mm. Like this: but 30.4mm. OK, bought the Park Tool PW-5 15mm pedal wrench tool. Wasn't expensive at all.
TODO understand other markings on receipt: "18 Flourish FS W Sil XS".
The exact specs pages is lost forever. Closest one we've got is the 2020:
Frame: size: XS. Marking near bottom bracket: F/N GY17Z1327 DK: WGI GY17Z1327 F ES:BI-2339.
Seatpost: TODO diameter. Measured in store 30.4mm after original stolen, although 2020 says 30.9. 30.4mm seemed to fit OK, and measuring with ruler gives 30.5/30.6, I don't think a 30.9 can possibly fit.
Saddle: Liv Contact Comfort Plus Saddle, color golden brown. Same as this but blown: Actual color:


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