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I had meant to make an update earlier, but I wanted to try and add some more "visible end-user changes" to
Just noticed BTW that signup on the website is broken. Facepalm. Not that it matters much since it is not very useful in the current state, but still. Going to fix that soon. EDIT: nevermind, it wasn't broken, I just had JavaScript disabled on that website with an extension to test if pages are visible without JavaScript, and yes, they are perfectly visible, you can't tell the difference! But you can't login without JavaScript either!
I still haven't the user visible ones I wanted, but I've hit major milestones, and it feels like time for an update.
I have now finished all the OurBigBook CLI features that I wanted for 1.0, all of which will be automatically reused in
The two big things since last email were the following:
A secondary but also important advance was: further improvements to the website's base technology.
I knew I was going to do them for several months now, and I knew they were going to hurt, and they did, but I did them.
These change caused two big bugs that I will solve next, one them infinite recursion in the database recursive query, but they shouldn't be too hard.


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