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🔗 is a bit like Wikipedia but:
  • each user can have their own version of each page which cannot be edited without their permission, e.g. only cirosantilli can edit
  • you can copy and modify other users' pages, since Creative Commons license will be mandatory. You can also make suggestions to their page if you want to.
  • each page has an issue tracker/comment section at the bottom to allow for sane discussion about the subject. As opposed to Wikipedia's unusable talk pages.
  • more granular pages than Wikipedia: every single header has its own page/metadata, no matter how specific the topic it covers is
  • you can upvote and downvote the headers/pages
If you are a software engineer, you can see that this is basically a cross between Wikipedia, GitHub and Stack Exchange.
Here for example, John decided:
  • to remove limit-mathematics from his tree
  • add derivative to his tree
  • keep intuition-behind-the-reimann-integral at Ciro's version
  • modify mathematics, riemann-integral and physics to his liking
The key intended technical innovation of the website is a PageRank-like algorithm that answers the key questions:
However, Ciro has decided to leave this for phase two action plan.
In some ways, Ciro wants the website to feel like a video game, where you fluidly interact with headers, comments and their metadata. If game developers can achieve impressively complicated game engines, why can't we achieve a decent amazing elearning website? :-)
Ciro predicts that the general organic user acquisition will go as follows:
  • Google into rare specific subject
  • look around, then login/create account with OAuth to leaves a comment or upvote
  • notice that you can fork anything
  • mind = KABOOM