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All with olive oil and salt mixed up before roasting.
2021-04-05 180C:
  • chestnuts: 1.5x 200g: 3x 6min, this was a bit too much
  • hazelnuts: 1.5x 200g: 3x 6min, seemed fine
  • pecans: 4.5x 200g bags: 5x 6 min, a bit uneven roast because too much on tray
2021-02-06 180C:
  • almonds: 2x 200g: 3x 6min, slighted burnt taste
  • Brazil nuts: 2x 300g: 3x 6min + 3min
  • chestnuts: 1x 400g: 3x 6min, perfect
  • pecans: 3x 200g bags (previously had done just 2 bags at a time): 3x 6 min + 2x 3min, perfect
  • almonds: 190C, 8 min, they started burning on top! What? I put olive oil abundantly this time. 170C 5 min
  • chestnuts: 180C, 6 min, stir, 6 min, stir, 4 min, they became very good, dark brown
  • pecans: 180C, 6 min, stir, 6 min, stir, 3 min while preparing chestnuts, very good
  • mixed nuts: 180C, 10 minutes, did not reach the point. Then 7 more minutes on 190C: pecans completely burned out
  • almonds: 190C, about 25 minutes, opened several times, in the end had a slight burnt taste, but did not get black, just darker brown. Not as crispy as the ones we buy roasted, but pretty good
  • pecans: 180C, 13 minutes, opened 3 times to stir, became great


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