Ruhua (to disgrace china, 辱华, 乳华)

Basically a 2 character slang for Hurt the feelings of the Chinese people (伤害中国人民的感情) which cool people in the web use:

The pardox is: as soon as you start talking about ruhua, you start to risk getting banned in China, because most of ruhua is banned in China itself.

In this project for example: https://github.com/leiroc/insults the author is aiming to create a list of such insults. So someone came and suggested adding this project to the list at: https://github.com/leiroc/insults/issues/4, which is obviouly censored in China, as an example. They even have an ICP license 非经营性网站备案 (2000) at https://insults.cn/, isn’t that cute?

To which the repo owner replied:


Google Translate:

Thanks for submitting, this person is a bit crazy. I won’t add it to the record, because if you add it, you will see more people. Not everyone has the ability to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood for this information. I’m afraid that some people will believe him or be induced by him. Therefore, it is better to silence him and reduce exposure. These people and countries must have been monitoring them, so we can rest assured.

This perfecly shows the ruhua paradox. In the end, you are only allowed to talk about the most idiotic and insipid events, while censoring any serious self criticism.

TODO the README says that it is a static blog, but I can’t find the source on GitHub anywhere, that repo contains almost nothing.

The large majority of posts are about Western companies that comply with Chinese censorship requests (遵守中国审查要求的西方公司), because those cowards retract their claims afterwards.

Some sample posts that are not about Western companies: