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Interesting ones:
  • 77822fd6663c665104119cb7635352756dfc50da76a92d417ec1a12c518fad69 0 OP_IF OP_INVALIDOPCODE None None OP_ENDIF. The second constant contains an ASCII patch Remove (SINGLE|DOUBLE)BYTE so presumably this is a proof of concept.
+ duscusses what happens if there is an invalid opcode in a branch that is not taken. + Discussed at:
  • 4373b97e4525be4c2f4b491be9f14ac2b106ba521587dad8f134040d16ff73af 0 OP_ADD OP_ADD None OP_EQUAL OP_NOTIF OP_RETURN OP_ENDIF OP_FROMALTSTACK None OP_DROP is provably unspendable because it always falls on OP_FROMALTSTACK but nothing is ever placed in the ALTSTACK