8.4.1. Zhuan Falun (转法轮)

Published in January 1995.

According to Wikipedia:

Zhuan Falun is the main teaching and the most comprehensive work; it is an edited version of Li’s nine-lecture series, 54 of which he taught across China between 1992 and 1994.

Believers very often read from this text when they "study the Fa" in their gatherings. They often read one chapter per session, and can often just say "we read the Nth teaching" (第N讲, so apparently each chapter corresponds to a separate talk). Just like Xi Jinping Thought (习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想, 2017) (and other Chinese religious traditions)!

Zhuan Falun
Figure 125. Front and back cover of Zhuan Falun (转法轮), first edition (1994). It is said amongst believers that the Lotus flower on the back of these books have magically opened progressively as time passed. Source.
Zhuan Falun 2010s English vs Chinese
Figure 126. Side-by-side English and Chinese version of Zhuan Falun (转法轮) circa 2010s. These covers are very widespread. Note how the Chinese cover is yellow, almost golden, to indicate that it is cannon. And translations in all other languages are blue, to indicate non-canon. Also note how the drawings of mystical elements have been removed in favor an abstract presentation. This is part of Different levels of truth (Orange Papers, 不同层次的真相, 橙色文件). That golden cover is a direct recall to Bhuddist scriptures have been published traditionally in some epochs in China, just Google Images for "佛经". Source.